Friday, 3 February 2012

Auditing Exchange UM Mailbox Recordings

I've been working on a project to implement Exchange unified messaging as part of a Lync Server 2010 deployment, replacing a Nortel PBX. Our corporate policy requires that staff record a mailbox greeting for their voicemail and their name in the corporate directory, and with the Nortel system we were able to report on both (albeit manually).

When I was asked if we could perform a similar audit of the Exchange UM mailboxes I struggled to find out if this was possible. It turns out that the undocumented Exchange Management Shell cmdlet Get-UMMailboxConfiguration can report on mailbox greetings, including which greeting is in use. I also discovered that when an Exchange UM user records their name it is stored in Active Directory in the msExchUMSpokenName attribute of the user object.

So, I created this script to gather information about the greetings and name recording and report on it. The script creates a CSV file which can be used to identify users who need to record their greetings, or could easily be modified to e-mail reminders directly to the users.