Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Uploading an Exchange UM Voicemail Greeting

A colleague recently asked if I knew of a way to upload an audio file as an Exchange UM voice-mail greeting message - you can do this through Exchange for UM attendants, but not mailboxes. The background of the request is that we use Exchange UM for handling inbound calls, and calls which cannot be routed to a team or queue go to a team mailbox rather than an individuals. We have around 80 of these, and were looking at changing their greetings. Having to manually dial into each one and record the new greeting seemed cumbersome.

I had some experience with programmatically retrieving voice-mail greeting recordings from Exchange UM, so I guess that this might be possible too. It turns out that with the Exchange Web Services Managed API it is possible, and works fairly well.

The main caveat with this approach is that you need to be mindful of the size and quality of the WAV file you are uploading. I found that it worked well with a 16KHz, mono, audio file. I tested files up to about 350KB. With some higher-rate files the upload succeeded, but when calling the mailbox Exchange announced that 'a system error had occurred'. This problem could be resolved by re-recording another greeting over the phone.

The script does not support other files types, such as mp3, etc.